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“Not All Who Wander Need Be Lost”… Lisa Skinner Not All Who Wander Need Be Lost, by Behavioral Expert, Counselor, and Author, Lisa Skinner, is a book filled with “Stories of Hope for Families Facing Alzheimer’s and Dementia.” So many important questions are answered in this most important interview and book. Listen, as Lisa explains why “short term” memory is usually the first part to go in an Alzheimer’s or Dementia patient, by using the “light bulb” analogy. This example, and so many more important things, that you will learn about this most troubling brain disease, will hold your attention throughout the interview. This is truly a keeper, so please tell everyone about it.

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 Practical Wellness With Jaya Jaya Myra

       Season 2 Eposide 16   Feb 2021

Today I sit down with bestselling author and behavior expert in Alzheimer's and dementia, Lisa Skinner! We chat about her journey to becoming a human behavior expert in the field of Alzheimer's and dementia, a deeper understanding of dementia-related brain diseases, and how to find hope and peace while walking through these diseases with loved ones.

Listen in with Lisa's Interview with 247 RealTalk

Living with Dementia: An in-depth Conversation with Behavioral Specialist and Award Winning Author Lisa Skinner

MARCH 05, 2021

Behavior Expert Lisa Skinner Discusses Alzheimer's, Dementia

The NFN Radio News Podcast

Shutting Off the Light Switch in Your Mind by Bob Gatty    

Read the blog post here.

Brain Disease at the center

Speaking with Author Lisa Skinner using her book & her profession as a behavior specialist to raise awareness on brain diseases that cause dementia.Most importantly by understanding the disease you be better equip to handle it and know that there is a real person underneath

HappyTalks with Dr. Alice and Donovon

By Dr. Alice Fong and Donovon Jenson

In this episode of HappyTalks, we interview Lisa Skinner and discuss everything around Alzheimer's and Dementia as well as how to cope with it close to you.


On this episode of the ListenUp! Podcast, Dr. Mark Syms interviews Lisa Skinner, author and Alzheimer’s Behavior Specialist, to better understand how to treat those with dementia-related illnesses. She walks through the stages of Alzheimer’s and what treatments are available early on. Then, they dive into day-to-day life, including advice on “joining their reality,” managing their behaviors, and coping with loss. Tune in to learn more.

Lisa Skinner Knowing How to Help People with Dementia/Alzheimer's
September 2 2021  FirebreathinRob Show
Watch Here

Let’s Talk About It! with Mohanni Love

By Mohanni Love

Listen Here!

Check out this episode from Wes Iseli's MagicLife.

November 17 2021

Identifying the challenges of living with dementia & learning how to address them with Lisa Skinner.

Dec 11 2021

Listen Here


Stories of Hope for Families Facing Alzheimer's and Dementia with Lisa Skinner

The Pursuit of Learning Podcast​​

January 28th  2022

Listen Here

LEST WE FORGET is a 60-minute video program with Passionate World Talk Radio Network’s hosts: Lisa Skinner, Betsy Wurzel, and Lillian Caudwell. The program addresses those issues in history which happened before, but now seem forgotten by our present generation. We should understand the issues in our country’s history.


Episode One

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