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  • Lisa Skinner

Driving with Alzheimers

Driving requires the ability to react quickly to a variety of circumstances. Because of this, a person living with Alzheimer's disease will, at some point, be unable to drive. Look for some of these signs of unsafe driving:

*forgetting how to locate familiar places *failing to observe traffic signs *making slow or poor decisions in traffic *driving at an inappropriate speed *becoming angry or confused while driving *using poor lane control *hitting curbs *making errors at intersections *confusing the brakes and the gas pedals *returning from a routine drive later than expected *forgetting the destination you are driving to during the trip

At the earliest stages, a person with Alzheimer's disease may begin to have difficulty with complex tasks such as driving.Although family and caregivers can watch for signs of unsafe driving, a proactive strategy would be to get a comprehensive driving evaluation by an occupational therapy driving rehabilitation specialist.

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