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Hi. I am Kay Marchelle Guerrero!

 What I find intriguing is to find wholesome ways in this life’s journey to feel better by eating healthy,  moving & flowing.

  A big part of this wholesomeness is keeping toxins out of my home, my body and mind and I am passionate to share this information with anyone else who desires to do so, It’s pretty simple. 

  I believe that God created every living thing & being to be whole and happy.  It is possible to have restoration!! 

  I also believe that I am a work in progress and like anyone else I am still discovering ways to restore & stay whole and happy. 

  I look forward to meeting and working with people like minded that I can share Gods treasures in good health and to lend a helping hand up to those who would like to get there.


May Special

May's special with Mothers Day in mind...add a body scrub onto your regular price massage for 1/2 off regular price.  Get  your body ready for summer by exfoliating the dead skin.  Both treatments are a total of one and one half hours. Call for pricing.  707-365-5612

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